About us

Your roaming data under control

GCC SIM is a telecommunication service that offers pre-paid chat messaging within a clearly defined yearly plan across 165 countries, through 250 telecommunication operators around the world. The card enables messaging on the most popular mobile communicator applications, such as Messenger, Telegram, WeChat, WhatsApp and more.

We make our best efforts to satisfy our clients with best possible service, while creating an offer that not only allows them to lower internet communication costs, but also gives them greater control on how roaming data is used. Using GCC SIM card never costs more than the price at which it is bought and even after the credits are used, messaging is available at reduced transfer speed.

The card can be recharged and extra multimedia credits can be purchased that also allow to send photos, videos, files and make phone calls for up to 400 minutes. Stay in touch, wherever you are.

GCC SIM is devoted to building long-term positive relations with the clients and promotes good communication practices around the world.